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What to expect

Hi there, I am Alison and Welcome!

It's lovely that you are here, joining me for whatever the reason. YOU may be at some crossroads in your life, or just feel plain old stuck, and need some gentle spiritual guidance.

It’s not an accident you have found yourself here, life has a wonderful way of gently nudging you in the direction where you can find answers. Sometimes, answers to questions you haven't even asked yet. I do understand how daunting it is not knowing what you are about to be told, not knowing if it will it be something you want to hear or will it be bad news? One thing I have learnt to do is to trust the source of the information that comes through. The information you are given is to help you move off in the direction of YOUR choosing, feeling more EMPOWERED to do so and stepping off WITH CONFIDENCE. Sometimes loved ones who have passed on may also pop by to give you messages of encouragement or reassurance. I enjoy using beautiful HEALING, WISDOM & ENERGY Oracle cards to assist with your personal reading.

Please feel free to call me for a chat or to make an appointment.

$90 for 1 hour reading

 I  would love to hear from you Alison x

About Me....


Trauma or events can trigger off a Spiritual Awakening, which happened to me later in life. As a child I was "sensitive" to sights and sounds that others may not see or hear. It scared the living daylights out of me, I can tell you!

This slowly developed into intuitively being able to "read" people and offer thoughtful guidance. It came and went during different times of my life. I had a reading with a wonderful lady, Jeanette, who gave me the nudge I needed to explore my own LIFE PURPOSE. This came after my husband started recovering from illness. I felt a "pull" towards understanding this more. I found a wonderful mentor, Suzi, a guru in Energy Expansion, who helped to develop and polish up my skills. 

Now, married with 2 teenagers and an abundance of animals, I LOVE nothing more, than meeting new and wonderful people seeking guidance. I am so proud of those who have bravely taken the steps forward from the advice I have passed on to them. 



Zoom & Skype Appointments Available

We are unfortunately going through some very tough times living with COVID-19. To stay in touch with my clients, I have moved to using Zoom or Skype to continue my service, especially while we are in lockdown. Please rest assured, your reading will be nothing less than what it would be face to face. When you make an appointment we can discuss how to make it all work out beautifully for you.

I have enjoyed using the "new ways" of communication as now my clients are spreading across the world and not just locally in Australia. Payments can be sent electronically.

Gift Vouchers

$90 for an appointment or an amount of your choosing.

If you would like more information about this or to purchase a voucher for someone's special occasion, just drop me an email.

I can either send it to you direct or post put to the person letting them know of your kindness.

Email Me...

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I am absolutely delighted to a featured ORACLE Reader at this years Seven Sisters Festival. It is all online this year, and after purchasing a ticket, you can you take full advantage of a 50% DISCOUNTED 30 minute personal reading with me.